Year 1 Home Learning – Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning Year 1!


For today I would like you to think about your own superhero identity. What super powers would you like to have?!

Think about what superhero name you would like, what costume you would wear and what powers would you have.

English 30.05

For an extension, could you take photos of yourself being a ‘superkid‘ at home!

A superkid is someone who does super helpful things to help others! So you could tidy your room, help do the dishes etc.

Then write a sentence about what you are doing next to your picture so I know what you’ve been doing SUPER!!!


For Maths we are trying multiplication and division. This first lesson is multiplication, all about repeated addition.

Maths 30.06 If you would like an active lesson, try this activity out! Maths 30.06 Active


Let’s try using the u, ew, ue and u-e sound in sentences 🙂

Phonics 30.06

Have a great day,

Miss O’Sullivan

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