Year 1 Home Learning – Friday 10th July

Good Morning Year 1 and a happy Friday!

As we have started our new topic on dinosaurs I thought we could have a dino-filled day!

We will be making dinosaur fact files! These templates will help you. Choose a dinosaur to learn about.

Fact files Dinosaurs

To find facts you could watch these videos on the bbc or have a look at these dinosaur fact cards.          dinosaur-fact-cards


Here are some extra activities to have a go at:

Dinosaur wordsearch:


This is a colouring activity to help you learn Year 1 common exception words:


If you have some split pins at home, you could make some fun moving dinosaur characters:


If you are feeling really confident on your dinosaur facts, try this information matching game:


Here is an Art activity you could try:

Have a fabulous day and a lovely weekend,

Miss O’Sullivan

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