Year 1 Home Learning – Thursday 2nd July

Good Morning Year 1,


Today is very exciting because…… We will be starting to plan our story!!

Use this planning sheet to help you English 2.7

We will be making comic strips to help create your stories. I have put this template of a Comic strip to have a go at.

You might want to draw pictures of each part of your story from beginning to end. Underneath you could add a sentence to say what is happening in your picture.


In Maths we are carrying on with multiplication. We are going to try some repeated addition to help us. Maths 02.07

If you need any more help with repeated addition have a look on youtube: NCETM The use of a repeated addition expression to represent equal groups.


Make sure you are practising your spellings. Have a go at a column today, you could even try covering the words over to see if you spell them correctly!


Have a good day!

Miss O’Sullivan

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