Year 2 Home Learning – Friday 1st May

Hello Year 2,

Today is Friday May 1st, the start of another new month.

Your tasks for today are maths and science.

In maths you can play a multiplication snakes and ladders game. If the calculation is 5 x 6, you may say we don’t know the 6x table … just remember the trick I showed you. You can switch the number to say 6 x 5 and you get the same answer!

In science I’d like you to go on a materials hunt in your house. Please be very careful and don’t pick anything up, it may be heavy. Also be very careful with things that are made from glass, they are very delicate and can break easily.

In addition to this I have put a link to the Art Hub. This week I’d like you to have a go at drawing a Health Hero.



I have been busy telephoning many of your parents. It has been lovely to hear how hard you are all working. Please don’t worry if I haven’t rang you yet, I’ll ring you today. It has taken a long time to get through 30 phone calls!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Gourley 🙂

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