Year 2 Home Learning – Tuesday 28th April

Hello Year 2!

Here are today’s task;

In English you’re going to do some more work linked to George’s Marvellous Medicine. To help you today you need to watch this short video clip;

In Maths I have another message for you, however you need to calculate it!

Have fun and work hard!

Mrs Gourley 🙂

ENGLISH 28.04   MATHS 28.04   MATHS ANSWERS 28.04



6 Responses to Year 2 Home Learning – Tuesday 28th April

  1. Hello Mrs Gourley, it’s Alexander here. I think the message is ‘I HOPE YOU ARE WORKING HARD AND BEING VERY GOOD’.
    I have a message for you:
    10 + 57
    6 x 10
    11 + 11
    40 x 2
    32 + 43

    7 X 2
    5 + 5 + 5 + 5
    50 – 9

    Enjoy working it out!
    Alexander K

    • Hello Alexander and Mrs Myers!
      Well done Alexander, you got my message correct.
      I’ve just done my ‘homework’ during my lunch break and I think your message says ‘THANK YOU’! Am I correct?
      I certainly enjoyed working it out!
      Thank you! 🙂
      Mrs Gourley x

  2. Hello Mrs Gourley and Mrs Myers,
    I am enjoying the calculate my message homework
    I miss you, stay safe
    Aoife X

    • Hello Aoife, we are missing you too! Wow… everyone in Year 2 seemed to really enjoy this. I agree, it was great fun! Stay safe too. Mrs Myers 🙂

    • Hello Aoife
      I’m glad you are enjoying calculating the messages! Your mum told me on the phone today that you enjoy those tasks.
      I’d better get writing some more messages!
      Keep working hard, we miss you too! 🙂

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