Year 2 Home Learning – Monday 4th May

Hello Year 2,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Today you have an English and a maths task. In English I’d like you to spot some more of Mr Whoops’ mistakes! In maths I’d like you to look at some tens and ones in two digit numbers and some addition.


In addition to this I have also uploaded your next set of key words that you must rehearse regularly throughout the week to ensure you spell the correctly each time you write them.


Finally, after speaking to many of your parents last week I said that I would set you some small research projects so that you can use your tablets and computers to find out as much as possible about a topic I give you.

You could record your facts in whatever way you like and you may be able to do some art work linked to it too!

Today I’d like you to research May Day. This is a good website to get you started. Click here to visit it. This is also a good video, it shows you many ways people celebrate May Day.

Have lots of fun and keep working hard.

Mrs Gourley 🙂



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