Year 2 Home Learning – Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Year 2!

As a school community, we would like to share all of your VE day celebrations and activities. So, if you have any photographs could you please email them to by the end of the school day on Friday 15th May. Could we please also ask that you use ‘VE Day photo’  as the subject of the email?

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing your celebrations.


Today you have an English and a maths task.

Your English task involves looking for verbs. Remember that a verb is an action word or a doing word. You can ‘do’ it! We learnt about verbs at the start of Year 2, so to help remind you I have included a PowerPoint presentation we used in class.


Your maths task involves rehearsing subtracting 2 digit numbers. I’d like you to watch the short video below that I have put together first to remind you of the strategies, then have a go at the task and the problems. Remember to always show your working.


MATHS 13.05 (1)   MATHS ANSWERS 13.05 (1)

Work hard and have a lovely day!

Mrs Gourley:-)

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