Year 2 Home Learning – Wednesday 6th May

Hello Year 2!

Today you will complete a reading comprehension in English. This is linked to VE day celebrations, so you may already know most of the answers following your research yesterday. However, make sure you read through the information before your answer the questions.


In maths you have another number challenge. You need to place the digits 1-6 around the edge of a triangle so that each side adds up to make the total 10. I’m sure you’ll manage it very well.


Finally, because it was such a hit last week, I have included another ‘How many words’ challenge. I would like to try to make as many words as possible using the letters in the words ‘head teacher’. See the challenge sheet below where the task is explained fully. Please post some of your words in the comments section and how many words altogether you were able to find.


Keep working hard and stay safe!

Mrs Gourley 🙂

6 Responses to Year 2 Home Learning – Wednesday 6th May

  1. Hi Mrs Gourley

    We found on the word challenge 26 words plus your’s which is 28

    I like these challenges

    Thanks Ellie

    • Hello Ellie!
      WOW … 28 words is FANTASTIC! Well done !
      I’m glad that you like the challenges. I’ll plan some more!:-)
      See you soon
      Mrs Gourley

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