Year 2 Home Learning – Monday 8th June

Good morning Year 2

I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Today in English I’d like you to read and/or listen to the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’. I know that many of you will know this story, but please read it again carefully. Click on this link to read the story   The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch Story    or you can listen to the story being read on the video link below.

Now you know the story, I’d like you to look at some sentences that I’ve written about the story. Some of these sentences are true and some are false. Can you sort them into the correct groups?


Maths today is a practical activity that involves you sharing objects equally. We started to look at this in class back in March so I have made a short video to remind you how to do it. Once you have watched the video you need to collect some things you can share equally before you begin your task. These could be sweets, Lego blocks, dry pasta etc.


Finally because it is Monday, I have uploaded your next set of spellings. Remember to keep looking at these throughout the week, making sure you can spell each word correctly by the end of the week.


Have a lovely day. Work hard but have fun too!

Mrs Gourley 🙂




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