Year 2 Home Learning – Friday 10th July

Happy Friday Year 2!

Today we are going to put some of the important parts of Grace Darling’s life into a timeline. Remember that on a timeline we place things in the order that they happened.


Continuing with the Grace Darling theme, I’d like you to design and possibly make a medal that you could give to Grace Darling.


Finally, using a blank piece of paper could you design and make a thank you card that you could give to Grace Darling to thank her for her amazing sea rescue.


If you have enjoyed learning about Grace Darling this week, you may want to visit Bamburgh over the school holidays. You’ll be able to visit the Grace Darling Museum

You will also be able to find the house where she was born. This is just a couple of doors away from the museum.

Also, just across the road from the museum is the church and grave yard where Grace Darling is buried. You are able to walk through here to visit her grave stone.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Gourley 🙂

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