Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 3,

Well done for all of your hard work again this week.

Today I would like you to complete a maths task first.

When you have done that, watch this video and follow the instructions to create your very own Roman board game!

See how many people you can challenge (and beat!) in your houses.

I hope you have a lovely Easter break.

Stay safe and I will keep everything crossed that I can see you all again soon.

Mrs Bishop

Maths 03.04.20 Maths Answers 03.04.20

5 Responses to Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 3rd April

  1. Hi Mrs Bishop
    I really am missing school but so far I have enjoyed the tasks you set, they have been so much fun.
    Are many people at school? are Bailey and Summer in school with you? I hope we are back soon.

    • Hello Elizabeth. School is really missing you too! I am pleased you are enjoying the online tasks. Keep up the super hard work.
      School is very quiet at the moment and no S and B are staying home safe and sound with daddy.
      I will keep everything crossed for us to be back soon!
      Take care
      Mrs Bishop

    • Hello Kelyn.
      I hope you had a fantastic birthday (and lots of cake!)
      I can’t wait to see how neat your handwriting is when we come back.
      Mrs Bishop

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