Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 20th April

Good morning Year 3,

I hope you have had a lovely Easter Break and got out in the sunshine lots. I am missing you all very much but hope you will enjoy the tasks I am setting over the next few weeks.

Today you have an English comprehension activity. Read the text very carefully in order to answer the questions, I know you will do a wonderful job!

The next activity is maths, for today I would like you to count in 50’s. It is a long time since we did this but I am sure you will remember it well.

Click on the links below to access the work.

I have also been drawing using Kids Art Hub over the holidays (which some of you recommended to me). If you have time, have a go at drawing some of our wonderful Key Workers.


Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Bishop

English 20.04.20 Maths 20.04.20 Parental guidance

4 Responses to Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 20th April

  1. Hi Mrs.Bishop
    I did the arts hub for kids. And i loved it because my dad is a police officer just like the one on the drawing! I really miss everyone at school. I dont like being at home because my brother keeps crying every day!!!
    Lots of love
    sadie xxx:)

    • Hello Sadie,
      I am so pleased you enjoyed the Kids Art Hub. I really enjoyed drawing a policeman too. I hope you gave the picture to your dad to keep.
      School misses you too, I hope your brother is okay? It is all very strange isn’t it.
      Fingers crossed we will all be together again soon.
      Mrs Bishop

  2. Hi Mrs Bishop
    We are all having a lovely time together. It is so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zander is fine, i just ment he was winging at the school work. But, it cheered him up when he sore Mrs O’sullivan on the computer.

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