Year 3 Home Learning – Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Year 3

For your maths task today I would like you to carry on your addition and subtraction with maths. You have a mixture of questions today so make sure you check which calculation is needed carefully. I would then like you to use the inverse (opposite) operation to the check you got the right answer.

As the calculations are getting a little trickier, I have included the following You Tube tutorials to help remind you of the column addition and subtraction strategies we have learnt in school.

For your English task, I would like you to develop your use of tenses over the next few days. Today, you are going to remind yourself of the present perfect form.

As a little extra, here is a puzzle.

Mystery Age

  1. Three primary school children are trying to guess their Mum’s age. Can you help them?
  2. They know she is between 30 and 40 years old, but no more! She gives them some clues:Multiply Sam’s age by 4, then add 3 to get my age.Multiply Amy’s age by 5, then add 1 to get my age.

    Multiply Max’s age by 3, then add 1 to get my age.

  3. Work out their Mum’s age AND all their ages.

What do you think the answer is? You can post it in the comments below and make sure you check back tomorrow to find out if you were right 🙂

Mrs Bishop

English 29.04.20 Maths 29.04.20 Parental Guidance 29.04.20

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