Year 3 Home Learning – Thursday 7th May

Good morning Year 3.

I have a lovely treat for you, this is the last bit of work you will get this week. As tomorrow is a Bank Holiday we are going to give you the day off to celebrate VE Day.

With this in mind, your first task today is to create some VE Day bunting and design your own medal. I have attached some ideas which might help you.

VE Day Bunting 7.5.20 VE Day Medal 7.5.20

Your English task today is to carry on with our short film, Marshmallow ( )

I would like you to build on the work you did yesterday and create a short, non-chronological report about the Mallodile. You could include pictures too!

English 7.5.20

English Extra 7.5.20

Please do not forget about our Times Table Rockstars battle against Year 4. It finishes today at 6pm.

Finally, I have attached a war time recipe sheet, in case you wanted to have a go at creating some special VE Day food.

VE Day Recipe 7.5.20

Enjoy your celebrations tomorrow and I will be back Monday with more work.

Take Care

Mrs Bishop

3 Responses to Year 3 Home Learning – Thursday 7th May

  1. Hi Mrs Bishop

    We’re a bit confused about the English homework. Yesterday Thomas wrote a paragraph about the Mallodile, describing its key features, we’re not sure how this will be different to a non chronological report?

    Thomas and Nicola

    • Good morning, today he should be writing two paragraphs; one focusing on the Mallodile’s diet and the other on their predator skills. Please encourage him to use key vocabulary and extend any information he wrote yesterday.
      Please re-download the English 7.5.20 as I am not sure the correct version was available. I hope this helps.
      Also, will you thank Thomas for the work he sent. I really loved the wind like knives sentence.
      Mrs Bishop

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