Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 12th June

Good morning and Happy Friday.

Well done for doing your home learning tasks again this week.

Task 1

Firstly today I would like you to do a bit of Science. I know it has been a while since we explored the human skeleton but I think you will do well with this task. I would like you to label the different parts of the human skeleton, use the word list to help remind you of the correct names.

Human Skeleton 12.06.20


You are going to carry on with time again today. I have set you some problems telling the time to the nearest minute. Don’t forget if you can, then check the clock lots and tell people in your house the time. The more you use clocks the easier it will become.

Maths 12.06.20

I have also set some time questions for you on Mathletics which would be great for some extra practice.


As a final World Ocean Day task today, I would like you to read the plastic waste questions and answer the questions (I think you will fly through this as you already know so much about plastic pollution!!)


Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Bishop

Parental Guidance 12.06.20


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