Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 19th June

Good morning and welcome to Friday.

I can’t believe it is Friday again already!!


Today you are going to start to plan your stories ready to write and publish them next week.

Think carefully about what you are going to include in your story. Make sure you include the following –

  • Pick out some key things in your setting you want to describe – use the pictures in this work unit to help you.
  • Give the reader a picture in their head by using some good adjectives to describe the different things in your setting.
  • Start some sentences using prepositions to let the reader know where things are (eg. above, below, behind, in front, in the distance) remember to use a comma when you use these to start your sentences.

English 19.06.20


I would like you to start working your way through this pack which is all about plants. Do not worry about completing all of this today, you could add bits to it when you go out for your walks or when you are sitting in your garden.


Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Bishop

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