Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 5th June

Good morning and happy Friday Year 3.

I hope you have enjoyed this week.


Today, I would like you to look at prepositions again. You are going to look at a jumbled up set of instructions and order them, while identifying the prepositions.

English 05.06.20


When you have finished your English you can write your own set of instructions for something – it could be making a Lego model, drawing a particular picture, planting a seed. Try to include a preposition for each instruction. You could add pictures to illustrate each step.


As it is Friday, you are going to do something a little different. Today, I would like you to research Egyptian god’s, this link will help you –

When you have finished your research, use this to create your own Egyptian god. Think about what they are wearing and what their special powers could be.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Bishop

English Answers 05.06.20

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