Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year 3

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you are ready for another week of home learning.


Your English task is to write a draft of your version of Stone Trolls. Using the plan you created on Friday, remember to include;

  • Key things in your setting you want to describe (use the pictures from Friday to help you).
  • Give your reader a picture in their head by using good adjectives to describe the different things in your setting.
  • Use prepositions to start some of your sentences to let the reader know where things are (remember to use a comma when beginning your sentence with a preposition or prepositional phrase).
    • Above,
    • Below,
    • Behind,
    • In front,
    • In the distance,

Remember this is your draft, be as creative as you like and try out some different settings to help you.
Tomorrow you will be editing and publishing your own copy of your story 🙂


This week we will be focusing on the three times tables. Today, I would like you to complete the sheet using your three times table. I have also set your tables to the 3 x on TT Rockstars and have assigned you some multiplication work using the three times tables on Mathletics to complete throughout the week.

Maths 22.06.20

Enjoy your tasks today.

Mrs Bishop

Maths Answers 22.06.20

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