Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 29th June

Good morning Year 3.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


This week we are going to spend some time looking at different word classes and using Mario to help you. Watch the video first, this will help remind you about the different word classes, then complete the tasks.

English 29.06.20


For your tasks this week we are going to focus on the 4 times table. The format is very similar to last week, today I would like you to complete the attached worksheet and spend some time on Mathletics and TT Rockstars, I have assigned activities for your 4 x tables on both of these.

Maths 29.06.20


Since you have been reading about Mario, I thought you might like the opportunity to draw him. Follow these instructions if you would like a go.

Enjoy your work today.
Mrs Bishop

Maths Answers 29.06.20 English Answers 29.06.20


6 Responses to Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 29th June

  1. Hi mrs bishop
    I love the work for today my favourite part i think will be where you get to draw your favourite video game!
    sadie xx

    • Hello Sadie,
      I am really pleased you enjoyed your work today. I love Mario too (I have all of the games at home).
      Mrs Bishop

  2. my brother is obsessed with Mario he has watched the full game and has completed it all himself also he has watched all the episodes on Netflix i loved todays learning and the drawing 🙂

    • Hello Elizabeth,
      Wow your brother is doing well to complete all of the games! Tell him I am very impressed.
      Really pleased you enjoyed the learning today.
      Mrs Bishop

    • Thank you for your message Bea, you made me smile.
      Hope you are well and I miss you all very much.
      Mrs Bishop

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