Year 3 Home Learning – Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Year 3.

I hope you are enjoying Fantastic Mr Fox in English. Today, you are going to use the present perfect form in your writing. Use the English Extra sheet to help remind you as I know it has been a little while since we did this in class. There are three tasks to complete, make sure you do the first one and then challenge yourself to do as many of the others as you can. Try your best and do not worry if you do not complete all three.

English 02.06.20 English Extra Present Perfect Form

If you would like to hear the whole story, use this link for an audiobook which you can read along to –


You will carry on with fractions for the rest of this week. Today, I would like you to build on yesterdays work and count in tenths. This video will help you –

Maths 02.06.20


If you would like a little extra task, I have recently discovered ‘Draw with Rob’, he has all sorts of fun and interesting lessons to help you draw. I particularly enjoyed the dinosaur.

Finally, enjoy a little bit of sunshine today.

Take Care

Mrs Bishop

English Answers 02.06.20 Maths Answers 02.06.20

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