Year 3 Home Learning – Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Year 3.

I hope you enjoyed your tasks yesterday.


Today I would like you to use commas correctly in a list. Your first task is to repair the sentences I have written, you need to put some commas in the correct places. Then I would like you to create some of your own lists, making sure you use commas. I have included some extra information to help you.

English 09.06.20 Commas Powerpoint


We are carrying on with time for the rest of this week. Today, I would like you to write the time using the 24 hour clock. Remember to add twelve on to the 12 hour clock to help you (eg. if it is 8pm, I add 12 and the time is 20:00 🙂 ). For the first section, I would like you to write the time using the 24 hour format. The second part you need to put the clock hands in the right places.

Maths 09.06.20


If you have some spare time then I would like you to think about –


This activity looks at the importance of the oceans in all our lives.

  1. To start, write down what you already know about the oceans, and what you would like to find out.
  2. Think about what the ocean means to you. Have you ever visited the sea, and if not, would you like to? What did you do at the seaside? Have you ever travelled across the sea or been on a boat trip? Write a list on a sheet of paper. This may include swimming, building sandcastles, going on a boat, exploring rockpools, eating fish and chips, fishing etc.
  3. Write what other roles the oceans may play in your lives. You should write these on your sheet using a different coloured pen or pencil.
  4. Read, ‘Why do the oceans matter?’ fact sheet which contains additional facts. Add five new facts to your large sheet of paper in a third colour. You will need to think about the facts you think are the most important
  5. Think about the fact that every one of us depends on oceans for a healthy planet. All living things are connected in a web of life. If we overfish the seas then they will not be able to give us as much food to eat and other species will suffer too.
  6. Think of one message that you would like to pass on to others about the oceans and share this with other people in your house.
  7. Draw a poster calling on people to protect the seas. You could choose to illustrate one of the facts from the fact sheet and think of a catchy slogan to go with it.

WWF-Oceans-and-Plastics-KS2-Activity1-Fact-sheet WWF-Oceans-and-Plastics-KS2-Activity1-Poster-Office-Printer

Enjoy your work and I will be back tomorrow.

Mrs Bishop

Maths Answers 09.06.20 English Answers 09.06.20

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