Year 3 Home Learning – Wednesday 10th June

Good morning,

I hope you enjoyed the ocean task yesterday. As it was World Ocean Day on Monday, I will give you a little extra task again today relating to the ocean.


Today, I would like you to carry on using commas. You have a worksheet to complete where you will identify if a comma is used correctly or not.

English 10.06.20


Your maths task is to carry on using time. Today, I would like you to recognise Roman Numerals when telling the time. Don’t be thrown by the fact they are not the normal numbers you see. Think about a normal clock face when looking at the times.

Maths 10.06.20


I would like you to create a Presentation or poster about the water cycle. This video will help you to remember the different parts of the cycle.

Enjoy your learning.

Mrs Bishop

Maths Answers 10.06.20 English Answers 10.06.20

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