Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 10th July

Good morning Year 3 and happy Friday.

I can not believe it is Friday again already!


Your final math task for the week is to problem solve using the eight times table. Try your very best and don’t peak at the answers until you have tried to complete all of the questions.

Maths 10.07.20 Maths Answers 10.07.20


Today, you are going to discover what a pharaoh was and why they were so important. Read through the information sheet about different pharaoh’s then choose the one you are most interested in. When you have chosen, complete the sheet all about them. You might need to go on the internet to research for more information.

History 10.07.20 History Pharaoh Information 10.07.20


As an extra task today, I have given you a descriptive language game to create and play at home. You need another player to play with and the aim of the game is to create the most interesting sentences. I know you are all wonderful at descriptive writing so suspect you might do very well at this task.

English 10.07.20

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Bishop

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  1. i love Cleopatra i’m thinking of being her for world book day or Halloween also on Wednesday i went to a park with Sadie,Zander,Sam,Joe and james
    from elizabeth :3 🙂

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