Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 3rd July

Good morning Year 3.

Happy Friday everyone. Well done to every one of you who took part in our TT Rockstars battle, you performed amazingly well! Unfortunately, Year 4 won this round…we will win the next!


Today you will be doing some work around metaphors and similes using more poetry. I would like you to think of your own metaphor or simile for different pets and use these to create your own poem.

English 03.07.20


Today, I would like you to understand the way society was run within Ancient Egyptian times. You will need to read through the text, then use this information to match the title to their role in society.

When you have finished, think about which group you would like to belong to and why. Then comment below as I would like to know your thoughts.

History 3.07.20 History Answers 3.07.20


If you have some time, I would like you to go on Scratch and create your own Rockband. Use this information to guide you through, then you can change parts to make it even better!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Bishop


2 Responses to Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 3rd July

  1. hi 🙂 miss bishop I Would like to be a Pharaoh because i lie the clothes they wear i would also like to rule because i have some new rules also because i could live in a palace and i have never been in a real one.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your message Elizabeth.
      I think you have the right idea here! A Pharaoh is a fantastic choice.
      Mrs Bishop

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