Year 3 Home Learning – Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Year 3.


Today we are going to look at a little bit of poetry. I would like you to read through the poems and really think about what it is you like about them, what they remind you of, what patterns you see and what puzzles the poems leave. There are a range of poems about pets to read through. Challenge yourself to read at least three of them and complete the worksheet provided.

English 02.07.20


For the final day this week we will carry on looking at the 4 times tables. Don’t forget you also have tasks on TT Rockstars and Mathletics. These will change on Sunday so make sure you get them finished while they are there.

Maths 02.07.20


If you wanted to carry on learning a little more Spanish, here is lesson number 2. This is all about how you introduce yourself in Spanish.

Well done for completing the tasks today.

Mrs Bishop

Maths Answers 02.07.20

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