Year 3 Home Learning – Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Year 3.

I can’t believe we are back here again! I will miss you all lots over the next few weeks but know you will all work really hard while you are at home. Please send all your completed tasks to by 8pm tonight so I can see all of the the work you have done. I will reply by the end of the day tomorrow.

For the remainder of this week and into next week, we will continue our addition and subtraction work in maths. For English, we will move onto a story narrative, all about the BFG. I love this story and hope you will too. I know lots of you might have read the book or seen the film already so think you might enjoy this. Your other tasks will change daily, but we will be following the work we have been doing in class already.


For your English today, I would like you to watch the video below. You will be using the story, The BFG, to identify the main characters and the setting in the book.  Using this information, you will sketch and label your setting using adjectives. Please take your time on this task, make sure your drawings and handwriting are as neat as they would be in school.


Within Maths, we will be continuing our addition and subtraction work which we started yesterday. Please watch the video before you start your task. It might be useful to use some objects you have around the house instead of the Base 10 which we used in class. You could even draw your own hundreds, tens and ones grid to help you.

Once you have watched the video, please complete the worksheet below.

Maths 060121

Guided Reading

You will carry on with the guided reading we have been completing in class. Here is Chapter 4 of Iron Man, using the information from the text, answer the questions carefully. Today’s questions will focus on explanation and prediction.

Iron Man Chapter 4

Guided Reading 060121

Collective Worship

As today is the Feast of the Epiphany, I would like you to plan and deliver your own collective worship. Please read through the slides about Gifts. When you have finished, use this to help you plan and deliver your own collective worship.

Gifts 060121

Collective Worship Plan 060120

I hope you have enjoyed your tasks today, I look forward to receiving all of your work.

Mrs Bishop

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