Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 1st May

Happy Friday everyone!

Thank you for working so hard this week. I loved seeing the pictures of all the children this week on the video, you are all doing so well and being so resilient! And you beat me on TT Rockstars! I have to say it was close 😉 but I just couldn’t reach you. Well done to everyone who took part. Next week’s challenge, starting Monday, will be against Year 3 so we just HAVE to win that!

Today, I have some fun activities for you. Firstly, you are going to write up your story that you planned yesterday – read the instructions in the document below first.

English – Writing up your story

Then, I have another Viking activity for you. I would like you to create a Viking Longboat but how you do this is completely up to you! You can sketch it, paint it, make it out of artefacts found in your garden (environmental art), mould it out of plasticine, create it from Lego… it’s up to you, dependent upon what you have in your home. Here are some pictures to remind you what they look like but you might want to do some of your own research as well.

Have fun… I would love to see some pictures of what you create 🙂

Enjoy the weekend everyone,

Mrs Myers

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