Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 30th April

Good morning everybody!

Can you believe it’s the last day of the month… do you remember our little poem to remind ourselves how many days they are in each month? It starts: Thirty days has September, April, June and November…

Today in English we are looking at how stories are structured and then you’ll be planning your own story before you write it tomorrow. In Maths, we’re continuing with Fractions greater than one and I have some reasoning and problem solving for you.

26 word story challenge

And finally, when you get finished, if you’re still up for a bit of a challenge try this… earlier this week children’s author Onjali Q. Rauf set an English and Creative Writing Task asking children to write a 26 word story with each word running in alphabetical order. Her example is below:

After Becky caught Daniel eating four giant hamburgers, I just knew Lucy mustn’t nab our popcorn… quite revolting! So tomorrow, underneath veiled windows, Xavier yelled zombies!

I had a go and I have to say, it’s very tricky! If you’re finding it hard you can always add the odd linking word – for example and, I, we etc… and go on, I’ll let you use words beginning with ‘ex’ for your X if you want too 🙂 Here’s my effort… (I’ve even managed to include some of you in it… Callum you can be dancing too!)

If you have a go, please send them to me, I’d love to read them!

After breakfast, Cerys danced expectantly. Finley guffawed happily. Isabella just kept laughing mightily. Nelle overexcitedly parted Queenie’s razor sharp teeth. Uncontrollably, Victor wailed, “Xena your Zebra!”

Take care everyone,

Mrs Myers

PS. I’m creeping up behind you all on Times Tables Rockstars 😉 Great to see so many of you up for the challenge. Keep battling!

English – Story features – ACTIVITY 1

English – Story Planning Sheet – ACTIVITY 2

Maths – Fractions greater than one


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  1. Here is my 26 word challenge:

    After bawling, Clive dunked Ellie’s face giving her intense jumpiness. Kim lazily manouvered Nora’s orange, petite quill rapidly, smudging Tina’s untidy, violet watercolours x-ray. “You zebra!”

    • I love it Ethan, it’s absolutely brilliant! I’m soooo impressed. Well done 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how you can create a story in so few words? So pleased you are working hard.
      Stay safe and speak soon,
      Mrs Myers

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