Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 21st April

Morning everyone!

How did you get on with yesterday’s work? I hope you enjoyed it.

Today is the Queen’s 94th Birthday so I thought we’d use our letter writing skills to write her a birthday letter. I’ve provided a template for you so you can remind yourself about the structure and features of a letter. After that, it’s completely up to you… Perhaps you can tell the Queen what you did on your last Birthday, or explain to her how to make your favourite cake 🙂 Remember to use all of your writing skills, particularly good punctuation and spelling.

In Maths, there’s some subtraction number sequences and practise of inverse (which remember means the opposite) operations.

Finally, make sure you go on Times Tables Rock Stars today – I’ll be setting up a challenge later in the week, so get practising…

Have fun 🙂

PS. when you finish your work today, perhaps draw a picture of the Queen celebrating her Birthday… make sure to include the corgis!

English – Queen’s Birthday Letter writing template

Maths – Subtraction and Inverse Operations (right click to rotate page)



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