Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 22nd April

Morning everybody,

Today in English we are practising the -ous suffix which you’ll remember we’ve covered in our spellings. There are some slides reminding you all about the different rules of using -ous and then a passage that I would like you to write out in your books adding the -ous words. Once you read the slides, try not to check back through the slides at first when attempting the work – that way you can test yourself to see if you remember the rules!

Then we have some missing number column subtraction calculations and some challenges – these are tricky so try your very best, remember even if you try two or three it’s better than none!

As an extra, did you know today is Earth Day? Have a look at this website to learn a bit more about Earth Day and find some interesting facts and activities you can do.

Have fun 🙂

English – spelling practise suffix -ous

Maths – Subtraction and Addition and Subtraction word challenges(right click to rotate the pdf)

ANSWERS – English and Maths

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