Year 4 Learning – Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone!

Today we continue our work in English by looking at the features used in storytelling and then predicting and writing our own ending to the story. In Maths we are doing fractions greater than 1 which we call improper fractions.

Remember to read both worksheets carefully first before setting off on your work as this will give you tips and help you understand what to do 🙂

When you are finished, have a check through the answers sheet to see how you did. Don’t worry if you didn’t get everything correct, practise helps you to improve.

Have a good day everyone, let me know how you get on…

Mrs Myers.

English – Story writing features and writing final

(In English, if you are unable to print out the sheet, just write down each feature in a separate list in your book.)

Maths – Fractions greater than 1 (improper fractions)



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