Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday Year 4!

How’s everyone doing? Good, I hope. Today’s subjects are Maths and History…

In Maths, we are going to use all of the learning around hundredths as decimals we have done so far and look at how to make a whole. And if you can remember your number bonds to 10 and 100 that should really help you with today’s work 🙂 Watch this video first  scroll down to Summer Term Week 1 – Lesson 1 but please don’t pause it when it asks you to because we are going to do a different worksheet just so we can get in some extra practise. So, once you’ve watched the video, open the worksheet below and complete that.

Maths – Making a whole worksheet


In History, we are going to explore what happened at the very end of the Anglo Saxon period in England and learn about the events that took place in the lead up to The Battle of Hastings, when the Norman period began.

Complete task 1 first – you will need to read up to the end of page 4 on the History – The Norman Conquest information sheet to complete this.

History – The Norman Conquest

When you get to task 2 you are going to complete the ‘Reasons for and against’ worksheet below and I have also filmed a video to help you do this work – scroll to the bottom of this post for the video link. If you can also have a printed copy of the ‘History – The Norman Conquest’ information in front of you as you view the video that would be great, but don’t worry if not.

Reasons for and against – Witan worksheet

In task 3 you are going to design a poster about the man you have chosen to be the next King. The poster template is below.

Poster Template

Enjoy your work today Year 4 and keep up the good work everyone. I’m so proud of how resilient you are all being. The current situation isn’t easy but I know you are all trying your very best.

Take care everyone and speak on Monday 1st June.

Mrs Myers

Video to support History – Task 2

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