Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 1st June

Good morning Year 4!

I hope you all enjoyed your half-term, the sunny weather has been lovely hasn’t it? Ready and raring to get back into your home learning? I hope so 🙂

This week in Maths we are going to continue working with decimals, starting with a little more practise around making a whole. If you want to remind yourself of how this works you can check out the video again here: (scroll down to Summer Term Week 1, the go to Lesson 1) but if you feel confident go straight to the activity sheet below.

Maths – Decimals Making a Whole Worksheet


In English, we are going to practise some of the skills we have been learning this year, starting with using pronouns to replace nouns. We’ve done this before in class but to jog your memory make sure you read the examples at the top of each page before completing the questions.

English – Pronouns Worksheet


Extra activity

I hope you enjoyed the Music lesson we did before the holiday where you learned to find the pulse of a piece of Music (something I know you have done in class as well). Well this week you’re going to learn how to beatbox using rhythmic patterns – yes, you heard correctly, beatbox!! Here’s the link to the lesson… have fun!

Enjoy your learning 🙂

Mrs Myers.

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