Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 20th May

Hi Year 4!

Thank you for working so hard so far this week 🙂

Today, I have a really fun activity for you in English. You’re going to pretend you’re 30 years old!! That’s SO old, I hear you all say 🙂 What I want you to do is practise your letter writing skills by pretending you are all grown up and write a letter back to your 9 year old self! What advice do you think you might give yourself? If I was to write a letter to my nine year old self, I’d definitely tell myself to work hard at school and that if I did, I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up!! Oh and to always be kind of course…

There are a couple of activities to do before you write your letter, so as always read the worksheet carefully and most important, enjoy your writing 🙂

English – Letter Writing

In Maths, we are working on writing hundredths as decimals and I’ve recapped our learning on the first two pages of the worksheet, so read this first before tackling the work.

Maths – Hundredths as decimals

ANSWERS – English Guidance and Maths

Extra activity

Today’s extra activity is Science and helps you to understand what light is and where it comes from. Click on the link and follow the online lesson

I hope you enjoy your day!

Mrs Myers 🙂


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