Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 12th June

Happy Friday Year 4!

I hope you have all enjoyed your home learning this week, thank you for working so hard 🙂

As a special treat today we have two lessons – one is history and the other is art!


In history, we continue our learning about the Norman Conquest in 1066 by looking at some of the decisions William Duke of Normandy had to make after he won the Battle of Hastings. For today’s lesson there isn’t a worksheet, what I need you to do is make sure you have your work book and either a pen or pencil, and then watch the video I have prepared below (scroll to the bottom of this post). Together we will talk through some of the problems William faced after he had won the Battle and I will ask you to pause the video at various points so that you can write down your answers to the questions I ask.


This week and next is Children’s Art Week, a week where children across the world are encouraged to get involved in practical art activities. So, I’ve found this really fun lesson where all you need is paper, a pen or pencil and your hand! You’ll be amazed at all the things you can draw simply using your hand as a template 🙂 Why not watch the video all the way through first and then choose 3 or 4 (or more if you like) pictures to draw and colour in yourself. Once you’ve chosen you can pause the video while the lady is drawing to make it easier for you to follow what she is doing. It’s great fun… you can find the video here:

I’m off to draw the butterfly and the penguin, both of which I love! Perhaps you could send me some of the pictures you draw? I’d love to see them.

Have fun today everybody and I’ll see you all bright and early again on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Myers 🙂


2 Responses to Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 12th June

  1. I LOVED ART! I only expected to do three but ended up doing six! My favourite was the penguin and the dragons. History was very fun and I can’t believe how many people William, Duke Of Normandy killed! I hope everyone is staying safe and have a great weekend!!!

    • Hello Martha, so pleased you enjoyed your art. My favourite was the penguin too 🙂 However, Mr Innerdale drew a wonderful fish that I was very impressed with! And yes, William was a ruthless leader wasn’t he? I hope you are looking forward to finding out what happens next. Enjoy the week ahead everyone! Stay safe, Mrs Myers.

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