Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 19th June

Happy Friday Year 4!

Thank you for working so hard this week 🙂 I have loved seeing all the work you are sending through!

Today we have our next History lesson, in which we are going to learn all about Norman Castles and then there is some fun art for you to do.


For this lesson I would like you first to watch the lesson presentation below in which I will explain to you exactly what I would like you to do today. The worksheets and extra information can be found below.

History – Life in the Castle Information Sheet

History Lesson – Life in the Castle Question Sheet


In school we have been making rainbow cards to go into the food parcels being given out by the Gateshead Foodbank. So, I thought you might like to make some rainbow cards too, to give to friends and family you might not have seen in a while. Watch the video below which gives you lots of fun ways to draw rainbows.

Enjoy your day Year 4 and have a fantastic weekend! Speak Monday.

Mrs Myers 🙂

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  1. I loved making the worry dolls! I had no pipe cleaners so improvised with lolly pop sticks. They turned out brilliant and they really do work. I hope you are all staying safe and have a great weekend.

    • Hi Martha, I am so pleased you made the worry dolls! I agree, they definitely work. I had some when I was younger and they always made things better 🙂 Well done for being so creative!

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