Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 5th June

Happy Friday Year 4,

Wow, the end of the week already!

So today we have a decimals Maths activity first – watch this video before you attempt the worksheet (scroll down to Summer Term Week 2, then go to Lesson 1)

Maths – Rounding Decimals

Maths – Rounding ANSWERS

Then we are going to learn more about The Battle of Stamford Bridge and The Battle of Hastings in 1066. Did the man you chose in our last lesson become the next King of England? Let’s find out… listen to me telling you what happened next in the video below (scroll to the bottom of this post) and then complete the activity I have set for you. If you get finished, why don’t you have a go at doing your own drawing of the battle scene at Hastings?

The Norman Conquest Slide2  (this is a copy of the presentation I use in the video but you can use it to refer back to when completing the activity below)

History – 1066 Activity Sheet

I hope you all enjoy your work and that you all have a lovely weekend. Speak next week!

Thank you for working so hard 🙂

Mrs Myers


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    • Hi Emily, I’m so pleased you are enjoying the work being set for you. I know you are all working so hard 🙂 Stay safe everyone.

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