Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 29th June

Good morning Year 4,

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend! I certainly did as it was my niece, May’s 6th Birthday. Although she couldn’t have a party, Mr Myers and I did go to see her on Saturday which was lovely. She really loves unicorns, so she got lots of unicorn themed presents which I’m sure many of you would have loved too!

Firstly, I just want to say huge congratulations Year 4 on winning last week’s Times Tables Rockstars Challenge! Thank you to everyone who took part. It was close but I’m so pleased you won ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, in English we are going to pick up on the ‘insult’ themed poetry work we did last week and write our own insult themed poems. I hope you have fun… and remember to use some of the new villian vocabulary we learnt in Thursday’s lesson. Perhaps you looked up words such as Malodorous, odious and maleficent? I challenge you to use these words in the poem you write!

English – Writing Your Own Insult Poems Worksheet

In Maths, we are continuing our work around multiplication and division, only today it’s a little bit harder…

Maths – Grid Multiplication Worksheet Final 1

Maths – Grid Multiplication ANSWERS

Extra activity…

Why don’t you draw some illustrations to go with your insult poem?

Have fun,

Mrs Myers ๐Ÿ™‚

5 Responses to Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 29th June

  1. Hi everyone!
    I did my insult poem on coronavirus. This is my poem :
    Coronavirus, you have torn us apart,
    But we still love each other, in our heart
    Coronavirus, you don’t help us do anything,
    You infect people as quick as a bee sting.
    Coronavirus, youโ€™ve formed queues at every shop,
    Now we canโ€™t even get a mop!
    Coronavirus, our house is the only place where we can play,
    No one is allowed to come and stay
    Coronavirus, nobody likes you,
    Because isolation is poo!

    I hope you are all staying safe!

    • That’s amazing Martha – I love it ๐Ÿ™‚ What a wonderful idea to write your insult poem about Coronavirus. You have captured the mood of everyone, completely! Hope you are staying safe too.
      Mrs Myers

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