Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 4th June

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well this morning 🙂

I hope you are enjoying your decimal work. I know it can be tricky but the more you practise the better you will become so keep going and try to do as many as you can! Today we are comparing and ordering decimals and I have a few challenges for you. Remember to read the questions carefully…

Maths – Comparing and Ordering Decimals


In English I have a lovely comprehension task for you all about the author Michael Morpurgo who has written lots of books including, War Horse and Kensuke’s Kingdom, which I know many of you may have read. Take your time and remember to go back to the text after each question to make sure you get the answers correct. Enjoy yourself!

English – Michael Morpurgo Reading Comprehension

English – Michael Morpurgo Answers

And finally, I know getting back into your work after a holiday can be difficult so I thought we’d do some Harry Potter yoga! What?! I hear you all say… check it out for yourself here

I hope the rest of your day is calm and relaxing.

Stay safe,

Mrs Myers 🙂

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