Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 16th June 2020

Good morning Year 4,

Today in English we are going to be reading a lovely story called Silly Billy by the author, Anthony Browne. Once you’ve listened to the story (the video can be found by scrolling to the bottom or this post) you are going to answer some questions about the story and then look at imperative (or bossy) verbs and write a set of numbered instructions.

English – Instructions Worksheet

English – ANSWERS

In maths, we continue with our work about money and today we are practising our estimating and rounding skills. Try to get a least six questions completed if you can and if you’re up for it, try the final three as a special challenge 🙂

Maths – Estimating Money


Extra activity

Just like Billy in today’s story, we all worry about things from time to time and you might have felt a little more worried recently because you haven’t been seeing your friends at school. Sometimes it can help to write your worries down on paper and this can feel a bit like sharing them with a friend or parent. Why not write a letter to the worry dolls explaining your own worries. It can be about anything you like… the worry dolls always listen. A template has been provided on the English Instructions Worksheet if you would like to use it.

And maybe if you’d like to you could have a go at making your own worry doll? Even if you don’t have pipe cleaners and wool, you could perhaps draw one and cut it out of paper or use anything else you have in your house – lollipop sticks, clothes-pegs…get creative and have fun.

I hope you have a lovely day Year 4. I miss you all but it helps me to know that we are all doing the same activities and this brings us closer together.

Speak tomorrow.

Mrs Myers


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