Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Year 4,

I hope you are all feeling cheerful this morning. Today we continue our decimal work in Maths learning to recognise the value of decimal digits. In English we are looking at how we can use lots of interesting conjunctions in our work to describe to the reader when something happened (time conjunctions), where something happened (place conjunctions) and the reason something happened (cause conjunctions).

As always read carefully through the worksheet so you recap our learning and fully understand what it is asking you to do.

Maths – Identifying the value of decimal digits


English – Using Time, Place and Cause Conjunctions

English – Conjunctions ANSWERS

Extra activity

I’d also like you to spend some time today reading for pleasure. It can be a book you are currently reading or something else that interests you. Try to read some of it out loud, practising using lots of expression in your voice. Make sure you spend at least 10 minutes doing this, longer if you want to. Remember the more you practise your reading the better a reader, and writer, you will become. Have fun!

Mrs Myers 🙂

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