Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 30th June

Good morning Year 4,

In Maths today, we are going to revisit our learning about perimeter. Remember the perimeter is the distance all the way around the outside of a 2D shape. To work out the perimeter, we add up the lengths of all the sides.

Maths – Perimeter Worksheet

Maths – Perimeter ANSWERS

In English, we are going to look at everyone’s favourite genre… storytelling. And not just any old stories, superhero stories!! Later this week, you are going to write your own super hero stories but I have a number of tasks I want you to do, before we tackle that.

First, I want you to listen to the video below (scroll to the bottom of this post). While you are listening can you notice the ways in which the author describes the main character to you. In addition, how do they paint a picture of the setting in your mind?

Once you have listened to the story, I want you to start thinking about creating a main character you can write about in your own story. They can be anyone (or anything!) you want, but they must have a super-power…

There is a superhero character description template for you to complete below – Once you’ve finished your description you can colour in your super-hero. I’ve also included a word bank if you are looking for words you can use to describe your hero!

Superhero Character Description

Word mat to support character description

Have fun everyone!

Mrs Myers 🙂

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