Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Year 4,

Did you enjoy listening to the story of Peter And The Wolf yesterday? I hope so! Today, you are going to get the chance to practise writing speech by thinking about what else the duck and the bird might have said to each other. You can be as creative as you like, but as always remember to read all of the instructions first before starting your work.

English – Peter And The Wolf Worksheet 2

In maths, we are going to use all of the fraction and decimal skills we have been practising over the last couple of weeks to complete a worksheet on quarters and halves. I’d like everyone to try their very, very best to get as far as question 8b. Then if you’re still up for the challenge keep going!

Maths – Halves and Quarters Worksheet


Finally, here are your spellings for this week. You might have a routine for learning your spellings now either by practising a few each day and testing yourself at the end of the week, or asking an adult to test you. Whatever it is, keep it up. As you move into Year 5, the more words you are able to spell confidently, the more interesting you will be able to make your writing.

Spellings 9th June

Enjoy your day, and speak tomorrow.

Mrs Myers 🙂


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