Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Year 4,

I hope you are all feeling well today… let’s work hard this morning so we can all have some fun this afternoon 🙂

In English, we continue our work around Peter And The Wolf and today our activities include planning and writing a new ending for the story. You can be as creative as you like and I know you are all very good at that!

English – Peter And The Wolf Day 3 Worksheet

And in maths we are doing some further practise of halves and quarters, however, this time we are going to be using our problem solving and reasoning skills. As yesterday, try to get as far as question 6b, but if you’re up for the challenge try them all.

Maths – Reasoning and Problems Solving


Extra activity

Did you enjoy the Harry Potter Yoga last week? I hope so! Today, we are going to do some yoga while listening to the story of Frozen. It’s your opportunity to relax for 30 minutes, do some stretching and listen to this lovely story. Maybe you could send me a picture of you doing it? Have fun everyone.

Take care,

Mrs Myers

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  1. I love frozen!!! Can’t wait to do the yoga later today! I really enjoyed yesterday’s work and I hope everyone is staying safe!

    • Hello Martha,
      Lovely to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed listening to the story from Frozen today and practising your mindfulness whilst doing it. I definitely did. I’m so pleased you are enjoying the work. Did you recognise the music from Peter and The Wolf? Hope so 🙂 Take care, Mrs Myers

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