Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Year 4!

How is everyone today?

In English today we are going to a little bit more work on instructions, first reminding ourselves about the features of instructions and then writing some instructions of our own. Watch the video at the bottom of this post first as it takes you through the learning for the lesson and explains exactly what you have to do.

English – Writing Instructions spot the features worksheet (this is for task 1)

English Instructions – ANSWERS (task 1)

Checklist this is a features checklist that you can use to help you with both tasks.

Parent guidance: In Task 2 when the children write their own set of instructions they should be set out similarly to, ‘How to feed your baby’ and can include a picture and caption.

In Maths we are continuing to practise money word problems. Take your time when reading each question so you can work out exactly what you need to do.

Money – four operations worksheet


Extra Activity

And here are your spellings for this week… I hope you are all continuing to practise these and getting an adult to test you when you think you are ready 🙂 This week we are looking at words that sound similar but have different meaning, so before learning these spellings,  I’d like you to look up the meaning of each word in the dictionary or online and write them out neatly in your book.

Spelling wc 15th June

Have fun today.

Mrs Myers

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