Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd June

Happy Wednesday Year 4!

I hope everyone is doing ok… I’m really missing you all but I know you’ll be trying your very best to do the work I’m setting for you, so thank you everyone 🙂

Today in Maths we continue our work looking at decimals and this time we will be comparing and ordering them. Remember to work from left to right, looking at the highest value digit first. If it helps, draw yourself a place value chart in your book or on a scrap piece of paper. Also remember to include any symbol required, so for example if the question is about length use cm or m in your answer, if it is ordering money use £ and p.

Maths – Comparing Decimals Worksheet


In English today we are looking at nouns and reminding ourselves how to correctly use apostrophes. Read the recap pages in the document to refresh your memory before doing your work.

English – Nouns and Apostrophes Worksheet

English – ANSWERS

And finally I have some spellings for you to learn and practise. You might want to learn a few every day and then test yourself when you have learned them all.


Have fun 🙂

Mrs Myers

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