Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 2nd July

Good morning everyone?

How is everyone feeling today? OK I hope!

I hope everyone is enjoying this week’s English. Now that you have all created a superhero character, and written a setting for your story, today we are going to plan our story using the planning sheet below. Remember, we have used this planning sheet in class. It follows the structure of a story – Beginning, Build-up, Problem, Resolution and Ending. Watch this short video to remind you how this works: – there are also some other videos on this site which you may also want to watch before you begin your work.

Take your time and remember you do not have to write full sentences at this stage, notes will do which you can use to create your sentences when you begin writing. Make sure you answer the questions at each stage in the process. If you find that you finish this quickly, why not write the beginning of your story today and you can write the rest tomorrow?

English – Story Planning Template

In Maths, you have been given a special task. You are going to use all of your knowledge of how to calculate perimeter to help Professor Lockhart decide which dinosaurs can fit into which enclosures. Read the worksheet carefully before beginning your work, and remember to show your working out in your book.

Maths – Dinosaur Perimeter Worksheet

Maths – Extra Challenge Task


Have a good day Year 4! The dinosaurs are counting on you… 😉

Mrs Myers

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