Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Year 4…


We’re going to have more fun with poetry today 🙂 Many of you will have heard of Michael Rosen, he is a children’s author and poet who has written over 140 books! You might remember we have looked at some of his poems in class. Well today we are going to listen to his poem called, ‘I am hungry’ and then we are going to write our own version of the poem.

  • Firstly, listen carefully to the video below (scroll to the bottom of this post)
  • Then, read the poem out loud yourself – use this to help you –  I Am Hungry Poem – to read out loud
  • After that, use your mindmap to decide what you could eat in your poem. If you notice some of things Michael Rosen eats at the beginning of his poem are normal foods, like a cheese roll and cornflakes in a bowl, but some are silly things like the side of the moon, or a funny joke – so you too can be as silly as you like!
  • Finally, write up your poem using your neatest handwriting… have fun!

Mindmap writing template


In Maths, we are continuing our work about area – so get your multiplication heads on! Have fun 🙂

Maths – Area using multiplication worksheet

Maths – Area ANSWERS


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