Year 5 – Home Learning – Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 5,

Hope you are all well and have enjoyed the weekend!

Here are your tasks for today.

Maths task:

Read and interpret Line Graphs

Adult answer sheet – Read and interpret Line Graphs

English task:

Poetry Comprehension

Adult answer sheet – Poetry Comprehension

As you all know I love poetry, for an extension task create your own poem about the seasons. Think about the work we did in class using figurative language. You could even draw a picture to go with your poem.

Enjoy your work for today,

Take care and stay safe,


Mr. Craig.

2 Responses to Year 5 – Home Learning – Monday 30th March

  1. Hi Mr Craig,

    I hope you are well. This is Ellie Mcnestry’s sister Molly. She began the ‘Missing Lance at St Georges’ task, but did not manage to finish it as we do not have a printer at home. We have looked but the task seems to have been removed from the website.

    If possible, would you be able to repost the activity or email it to me directly.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Molly, Hope you and your family are all safe and well. Tell Ellie I miss her and everyone in Year 5. I’ve just checked the website and you should find the task ‘The Missing Lance of St. George’ on Friday 3rd April home learning post. Let me know if you have any further problems.
      Take care.
      M. Craig

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