Year 5 Home Learning – Wednesday 1st April

Hello Year 5!

Its the 1st of April – April Fools! I hope no one has been pranked today!

Here are your tasks for the day:

Maths Task:

In preparation for the rest of this week’s maths tasks it is important that you remind yourself how we add and subtract in year 5. Here are some questions that you will need to do to practice carrying in addition and exchanging during subtraction. I have provided an example of both methods in the worksheet attached.

Maths – addition and subtraction

Adult answer sheet – Maths – addition and subtraction

English Task:

Reminding yourself of some the skills you used yesterday for English and apply them to your writing as you complete the rest of my story in the link below. Enjoy!

English task


Hope you all have a great day and avoid those April fools!!


Take care,

Mr. Craig

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